Allaso Ranch’s COVID-19 Response
Our Commitment to the Health and Safety of all Camp Guests

At Allaso Ranch the health and safety of our campers, volunteers, and staff is our top priority.

Allaso Ranch is the perfect place for children and students to get out of their summer routines and have an adventure that will change their lives forever.  With this in mind, we wish to address any concerns you may have about what Allaso Ranch is doing to maintain a Safe, Spacious, Sanitized, and Spectacular camp environment for your child.

Creating a Safe Environment

Health Screening

    • We ask all parents to contact the registrar before they bring their child to camp if in the two weeks prior to their camp session they have run a fever, shown other illness symptoms, or traveled out of the country or in high-COVID-19 areas. They will help you evaluate the situation and give the best options for everyone’s health and safety.  For FC Kids call (972) 471-6624 and for The Mix Junior and Senior High call (972) 471-6675.
    • Each camper will be scanned with an infrared thermometer at registration and daily while at Allaso Ranch. If a camper is found to have an elevated temperature (100.4 °F [38 °C] or higher), they will be guided to our medical staff for further evaluation.
    • Allaso Ranch has the ability to isolate any camper exhibiting symptoms of illness and offers comfortable facilities to quarantine while waiting for parent pick up.
    • Camper Mail: If sending mail to a campers or staff, please note that we must hold packages 24 hours before delivering. To simplify this process, we suggest placing letters to your camper in their luggage.
    • Campers returning from an overnight camp should minimize in-person contact with any person 65 years of age or older, especially those with pre-existing health conditions, for a period of 14 days. This includes maintaining social distancing of at least 6 feet of separation from those individuals, wearing a face covering or mask, and avoiding sharing utensils or other common objects with those individuals.
    • Allaso Ranch Staff, volunteers, and vendors will be screened for prior exposure before entering camp.
    • Allaso Ranch Staff, volunteers, and campers will fill out a health questionnaire before camp to be assessed by our medical team on their potential for risk while at camp.
    • Allaso Ranch Summer Staff will have been quarantined at Allaso Ranch property for 12-Days prior to camper’s arrival and will be monitored daily for any symptoms of sickness.


  • While it is likely not necessary to wear a face covering while outdoors, campers are permitted to bring and wear a face covering if they choose to do so.
  • Camp staff will wear face coverings whenever they are in close proximity to others and while handing food.


Allaso Ranch has an amazing volunteer team of medical professionals each summer.  The medical team constantly monitors the health of our campers and acts quickly to identify, contain, and treat any issues or illnesses that may appear.  Additionally, our Medical Advisory Physician reviews and updates our health protocols to help ensure we are providing the best possible care for our campers and staff.

Our camp Medical Center is staffed with a screened and experienced RN or Paramedic on site 24/7 and clinical services capable of providing first aid, administering oral medications, and monitoring patients who are sick.  Our medical center has isolation facilities in place for use in the unfortunate event that one or more campers contract any illness that might spread. In some instances, we will send campers home rather than risk them infecting other campers at camp.


Should a camper be sent home and report back a positive Covid-19 test, we will notify all parents or guardians of campers at Allaso Ranch.  The parents or guardians of the remaining campers may decide to either pick up their child from the camp or leave the child in the camp and trust the camp to take appropriate safeguards.

Creating a Sanitized Environment


  • Every cabin at Allaso Ranch is cleaned and sanitized daily by guests and staff according to our disinfectant protocol. This process is something we intentionally train our cabin leads on, and one we oversee with daily checklists and accountability. Bathrooms are sanitized and common touch surfaces disinfected.
  • Allaso Ranch Staff will disinfect the kitchen, swim center, barns, ropes shed, and more. High-touch surfaces including activity items (like archery tag equipment, life vests, basketballs, etc.) will be sanitized before every activity period.
  • Following each session of camp, a professional housekeeping company cleans and sanitizes all restrooms, showers, individual camper bunks, common areas, and commonly touched surfaces. As an additional last step, all surfaces from chest height and down are then treated with an EPA approved disinfecting spray and left to dry.
  • Daily kitchen and dining hall protocols will include continued use of dish machines to clean and sanitize dishes within a high temperature cycle.
  • Public restrooms are inspected, restocked, and disinfected a minimum of two times daily by Allaso Ranch Staff.


  • Hand wash sinks and/or hand sanitizer is available in every major building and at each activity location on camp.
  • Allaso Ranch Staff and cabin trainers are trained to encourage every camper to wash their hands regularly and to use hand sanitizer each time they enter and exit a building.
  • During camper orientation, we share best practices for maintaining a healthy and safe environment: cleaning your hands often with soap and water if soap is not available to use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. We also instruct to avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.

Creating a Spacious Environment


  • Mealtimes will be divided into cabin groups per meal and all camp meals will be served family style by the individual cabin trainers.
  • During meals, cabin trainers will distribute mealtime items so that campers are not handling each other’s plates, utensils, etc.
  • Camper bunks will follow the guidelines of campers sleeping head to toe.