Classes at Allaso Ranch

Committed to Creativity in Learning

Our educational and creative curriculum is specifically designed to address TEKS and STAAR elements required by the state of Texas. Combining hands-on learning with our energetic staff, Outdoor University classes create a fun and educational environment for teachers and students.

At Outdoor University, our teachers and staff are highly screened, fully trained, and kid friendly. Your students will be excited to learn in a safe and fun outdoor setting. Each member of our staff will serve, encourage and challenge your students during the classes and activities.

Classes Offered

Adventure 101  (Equestrian)      Texas Ranch Life
A round-up of fun!  Experience a horse-powered adventure in ranch life and the basics of horsemanship.  Wranglers demonstrate the fundamentals of riding and roping – including mounting, dismounting, steering, proper body position, starting and even more importantly – stopping.  Discover fascinating facts and history of horses, and test your roping skills.   Meet other animals found on a ranch, and saddle up for a fun-filled lead ride.  Helmets provided and required.

Adventure 201  (Teambuilding)      Outback Expedition
Out-of-the-box thinking! Ignite the spark of teamwork through initiative games and low ropes elements that accelerate teambuilding skills to solve challenges.  These targeted teambuilding adventures are engaging and empowering for teams to help discover hidden talents and think creatively.

Adventure 301  (Orienteering)      Orienteering Quest
Using the compass comes to life in new and exciting ways during Orienteering Quest! Crack the code to using a compass then venture with your team on a Compass Quest to unlock clues by following bearings and estimating distances. Discover hidden treasure only revealed by correctly following the course.

Earth Science 101  (Geology)      Geoscience Adventures
Dig into exploration and discovery! Go on a Geo-Adventure to investigate forces that shape the earth with the power of wind, water and ice.  Gather forces of nature information on your quest that will allow you to become a Geoscientist with the power to save the world…or at least a city…

Ecology 101  (Ecosystems)      Forest Guardians
Step off the beaten path to explore a fascinating forest ecosystem.  Discover the identities of the Forest Guardians and their vital role in planetary protection.  Investigate the “wood wide web,” which even has its own version of cybercrime.  Test your sense of adventure on the Sensory Challenge Course as you uncover  hidden wonders in this amazing forest exploration.

Ecology 201  (Ecosystems)      Eco Detectives
Solve an Eco-mystery entangled with adventure in the forest. Become Eco-detectives as you venture into the heart of the forest and search for clues and evidence in this intriguing mystery about a capture and a strange disappearance.  Switch on your keen observation and questioning skills to sort out the evidence before it’s too late!

Ecology 301  (Entomology)      Superhero Search—Insects
A fascinating journey into the realm of real-life mini super heroes!  Go on a six-legged safari to explore several habitats to capture, examine and identify a diverse group of insects.  Discover amazing insect structures and adaptations and learn about how not everything needs to have a backbone to be strong and survive.

Ecology 401  (Ornithology)      Flight School—Birding
Take off on an aviation exploration adventure!   Discover how birds outperform aircraft in aerobatics and efficiency.  High octane games lead through a fun ground school as you uncover the secrets of the forces of flight by investigating bird morphology and comparing structure and functions of birds and planes.   Hone your observation skills as you go on a short field expedition to observe the wonders of flight.

Ecology 501  (Limnology I)      Aquatic Wranglers
Dive into adventure and join Team N.A.S.A.’s (Network of Allaso Science Adventurers) exploration of a mysterious aquatic outdoor lake laboratory.  The Scientific Method is the framework for this investigation, as your N.A.S.A. Aquatic Wrangler team uses collection nets, and bio-monitoring to discover the secrets of the deep.   Examine and identify your collections and learn about unique adaptations and life cycles of aquatic macro-invertebrates.

Ecology 601  (Limnology II)      H2O Investigators
Take the Challenge!  Test the waters!  Jump into the fun with action packed outdoor investigations at our aquatic field site to analyze the fascinating physics of water – including measuring water temperature, solubility, relative density, transparency and more. Make amazing scientific discoveries about the water quality of a lake while completing game board challenges that lead to becoming an official H2O Investigator.

History 201  (American History)      American Explorers
A passport to the past!  History comes alive with an unforgettable adventure back in time as your team meets a homesteader on your journey to the Oregon Trail.  Even though your group has gold fever, you visit with the settler to learn skills you will need to survive the journey and find out the dangers that will lie ahead of you on the trail.  Discover the history of the American West by experiencing it through hands-on activities like candle making, woodworking and more.

Evening Programs

Fun 101      Campfire
Gather around the warm glow of a campfire and laugh out loud!  With sparkling stars overhead, you will be entertained and even become part of the show during foot stomping songs and knee slapping comedy sketches.

Drama 201      Mystery Theater
Interactive Mystery Theater that will stir your imagination and captivate your attention. As the plot twists and turns through this tale of heroes and villains, divas and desperados, teams race to investigate the characters and solve this whodunit using deductive reasoning and critical thinking. 

Ecology 701      Nature at Night
Experience the wonder of a star-filled night sky and explore amazing adaptations of nocturnal animals on this interactive adventure that is sure to capture your attention. Learn about special adaptations of owls, bats and other night time creatures. Experience the thrill of a night sky exploration of star constellations, phases of the moon, planets, meteors, and more.

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